We lead you to learn to listen to your body and quite your mind, so to bring a new vitality to your quality of life through practicing yoga asanas.

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All you need to do is go to the class, by developing discipline, you will have freedom. Freedom without discipline is libertinism. Only freedom combined with discipline is true freedom.

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“More people practice yoga, the world is better.” Cecilia went for her first yoga class for fitness, however, she immediately recognized yoga is beyond physical exercise, the spirit also developed, this draws her deep into yoga world.

She hopes to bring yoga to everyone. To deepen her understanding of yoga, she successfully completed her 200-hr international yoga teacher training course in Bali. Through different yoga poses, you develop the body strength and flexibility, energize the body, meanwhile, the body can be completely relaxed, that awareness of the mind is able to develop and bring peace to the mind. This is the heart that Cecilia would like to bring to you. “ I AM at peace, strong and capable.”

Spine is the key to your health.

Normally, we run away from the things we don't like; by getting into it, you will learn a lot and transform yourself. Runaway, you just lose an opportunity to learn, nothing gain.

“I AM at peace, strong and capable”.



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